Monday, May 6, 2013

El Cabroncito: Santo's Blood edition

The bootleg universe of the Battling Bastards just got a LITTLE bigger.  El Cabroncito, the death-defying Mexican mini, joins Ultimate Carlos' army of lucha thugs with the latest release from Scraped Resin.

This Santo’s Blood Edition involves a two-part casting process using stage-blood red and silver-bullet resins, with no paint applied.  Each figure features unique blood drips; a supernatural Rorschach test that may very well cause your soul to unravel.  Generally sold at lucha libre events and Brujaria shops, these idols are commonly found adorning dashboards or spiritual alters in an effort to protect the owner from violence or bloodshed, at least outside of the wrestling ring.

Only 6 figures are available in this edition, and will never be produced in this colorway again.  Each resin figure will be packaged with an El Cabroncito vinyl sticker, a limited edition Saint card commerating the Santo's Blood colorway, and a header card featuring Lucha Libre legend El Santo.  The figures will go up for sale on Wednesday, May 8th at noon PST at and will be $30 each, shipped.

A big thanks to Jessina Z. for joining the Scraped Resin clan as our ringside photographer. You can see more of her work at her Flickr and Tumblr, as well as future Battling Bastard posts.  Stay tuned!

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