Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Midgets, Magnets & More!

Sorry for the lack of updates here lately, but I can assure you that things have been busy at Scraped Resin HQ.  We learned so much from the release of Ultimate Carlos and have been toiling in the lab to make the next release even better.

The Littlest Bastard: In scale with Ultimate Carlos, this is as close to a mini figure as you'll get.

The next figure release is happening next week and will introduce the diminutive psychopath, El Cabroncito, to the Battling Bastards universe.  The first edition is a doozy featuring some neat resin effects and vaguely supernatural overtones.  A photographer reached out to us about taking official photos of the figures, and we should have some spooky pics of their first session soon.  What’s more is the newest Battling Bastard sticker is on the way from the printer, so we’ll hopefully be able to package them with Cabroncito, along with some surprise swag we’ve cooked up.

Strike a pose: Magnetic articulation transforms resin statues into action figures.

As cool as the first edition of Ultimate Carlos turned out, his statue-like nature never sat right with me.  I’ve been experimenting with some strong magnets and the results have been fun as hell to play with.  So, hold on to those first edition figures (holy shit, there is still one left!) as these non-articulated Bastards won’t be produced again.

A preview of the header card for Cabroncito, likely one of the last bagged figures to drop.

While I’ve always found header card art to be one of the most charming aspects of the resin movement, we are stepping up our packaging game hardcore this summer.  We’ve been experimenting with different printers, materials and adhesives and can’t wait to show off the first version of the new cardback next month.

Come back next week for details on the Cabroncito release, as well as an retrospective on the greatest mainstream bootleg of the modern era: Mistico!

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