Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pagoda is coming...

For the road warriors of the apocalypse, wandering through the fallout for gasoline and weapons, there are worse things than death. Run while you can. Survive if he lets you. The walking disaster! The war king of the wastelands! All hail… Pagoda!

This was my personal challenge to come up with a 3 3/4" figure that I would have wanted as a child, which allowed me to pull from a bunch of vintage figure parts I had been eyeballing since entering the resin hustle. Kitbashed from more than 7 different toys, this war king of the wastelands is my interpretation of a Lord Humungous meets the Cenobites type of brute that oozes radiation and violence.

I'm finalizing an arrangement that will put Pagoda into one of my favorite toy stores, and I'm really excited to be branching out like this. More details as soon as humanly possible, but keep an eye on my Instagram feed for new Pagoda variants.