Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Battling Bastards have arrived!

A new line of resin Mexican bootleg figures enter the ring.
Battling Bastards is the first line of bootleg figures from Scraped Resin, with Ultimate Carlos being the first Bastard to debut. 

Casey Jones' "Clean Up Mexico" initiative was not proceeding as planned.
Each figure is 1000% handmade, from the mold-making and casting each of the 8 separate parts in resin to the painted details and packaging.Boasting 0 points of articulation, these 4.5" figures proudly stand tall on their own.

Every girls crazy for a sharp dressed bastard.
This first release features a Noir colorway, with black and white resins exclusively used to create 6 unique Ultimate Carlos figures, which will be sold blind-bagged with bad-ass, numbered header cards.

Rumors that Ultimate Carlos was cloned from Tequila's toenail clippings have since been proven false.
The figures will be available 6pm PST on Friday, 3/1/2013 for $50 each, shipping included.  Check back next week for a peek behind the curtain as I walk you through the process of creating each Bastard by hand.

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