Thursday, November 6, 2014

Resin City Ransom

I'll be headed down to Pasadena this weekend for DesignerCon 2014, no matter how many street gangs I have to fight my way through.  I'll be bringing a thirst for culture, a pocketful of dank, and the latest bootleg offering from Scraped Resin!  An action figure tribute to the greatest NES beat-em-up of all time, Alex features 3 points of magnetic articulation and comes packaged in a resealable card. 

In scale with your favorite 90's toy lines, this 4" brawler is only available at the Galactic Jerkbags booth #1228, this DesignerCon for $50. I'll be signing at the GJG booth from 11am - noon on both days of the convention, so stop on by and smash a trash can against my face!

Any unsold Alex's will end up in the Scraped Resin store for those who can't make it down to DCON, so don't spend all your money at Hack's Chicken Shack!  See ya in Pasadena!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work! Very innovative. Do you find magnets better than rivets or pins for resin?

    I loved the game as a kid. I was always that quirky kid, I'm dumbfounded to find someone else who digs that game too.

    Keep up the work. I hope you can make the entire cast someday. I would like the Dragon Twins sitting on each of my speakers :D