Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Battling Bastards: From Parts Unknown

For a main event luchador, life is all about fame, glory and Cadillacs! But what about the opening-match jabroni's working for $20 and a torta? Who are these villainous journeymen wrestlers destined to wander the Mexican wrestling circuit as perennial losers? Scraped Resin celebrates these misfit luchadores with their new figure series, Battling Bastards: From Parts Unknown! With their debut coming up this Friday, I thought it'd be a good time to get a closer look at the From Parts Unknown crew...

Greg Havasu came to Mexico to deliver dropkicks and party. And he's all out of dropkicks.

Banned from competing in the U.S. for obvious health and legal reasons, Zombie Chris Benoit roams the Mexican wrestling circuit, hungry for competition.
Scars and Stripes: Soldier-turned-wrestler who is ready to declare war on the Battling Bastards!

...Mondo Gecko Steve Buscemi?

Joe Leader: King of the space perverts.

Silencio: Mysterious luchador or restless spirit of vengeance?

6 unique one-off resin figures will be available at noon PST, this Friday, 2/14 in the Scraped Resin store. Each 4" - 4.5" figure features full magnetic articulation come with stickers and a limited edition trading card. Best of all, they come packaged in deluxe cardbacks featuring a resealable bubble and original artwork by painter Casey Garcia, all for only $30! Which one will you get?

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