Friday, September 27, 2013

Breaking Bastards & the return of El Cabroncito

To commemorate the anxiously anticipated series finale of Breaking Bad, Scraped Resin is releasing a limited run of Battling Bastard resin bootleg figures. Breaking Bastards will feature Ultimate Carlos and Mixtape in both 96% pure blue crystal and cooking-suit yellow resins, and will go on sale this Friday at noon PST. Each handmade, magnetically-articulated figure will be fully carded with resealable plastic bubbles and will be sold blind-bag style for $50 each.

The highly requested El Cabroncito will also make his return to the Scraped Resin store, featuring a run of 8 blind-bagged figures in random colors and new header art. The first edition sold out in less than 24 hours, and priced at only $25 apiece, these won’t last long.

Head on over to the Scraped Resin store more details. Don't sleep!*

*meth joke

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